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Broward High School Students Are Becoming Experts at Hiding Alcohol Consumption

According to a recent article published by Local 10, high schoolers are becoming devilishly creative in their efforts to consume alcohol undetected by their parents, the school system, and local authorities. The article shares some disturbing secrets teenagers are using to smuggle and consume alcohol right in front of their unsuspecting guardians, under the guise of fruit juice and gummy bears. Some other, enthusiastic, teens are literally pouring alcohol into their eyes to feel the effects of booze. No one should ever want a drink that much. Ouch.

Local 10 warns parents to look out for some novelty items sold conveniently on the internet, including: alcohol infused whipped cream and prepared kits which help concoct fizzy alcoholic beverages under the guise of fruit juice. Other, perhaps more daring (and more prone to fatal accidents), teens are snorting powdered alcohol- some are going so far as to construct elaborate vaporizing kits with bike pumps, allowing them to inhale the vapor of wine or hard liquor without the chance of detection of the substance on their breath.

And we shan’t forget the alarming trend of alcohol tampons, wherein young girls soak the cotton of their tampons before insertion to reap the effects of consuming alcohol directly. Among the hidden talents of hiding alcohol, teens are catching onto modern trends of soaking their favorite gummy candies (like gummy bears and worms) in hard alcohol and setting them in the fridge to prepare. Local 10 warns parents to check for signs of enlarged gummies, as this is a tall-tale sign of alcohol laden gummies!

In the pursuit to crack down on crafty teens, it’s important to not only look out for the budding signs of substance abuse, but to speak openly with teens about the travails of addiction. Most begin to experiment with addictive substances because they’re attempting to blot out underlying conflict and undue stress. A high schooler who is able to communicate anything to their guardians is more likely to confide in their parents about substance abuse, and thereby seek treatment before a simple case of treatable substance abuse turns into a life long chronic addiction- or worse: an accidental overdose.

If you do discover your teen, or perhaps a local student you care for, is suffering from the effects of substance abuse or chronic addiction, outpatient rehabilitation may be particularly useful; as this form of drug and alcohol addiction treatment allows students to continuing going to school, while providing them with inpatient medical detox, to rid the body of physical dependence to addictive substances. Addiction treatment programs provide instrumental life coaching, and the guidance, helping teens  manage their underlying conflicts and traumas precipitating substance abuse.

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