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Baking Powder, Or….? Make Up Artist Finds Cocaine in Sephora Delivery

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When New Jersey makeup artist Christina Milano made her online purchase at Sephora, she expected to replenish her kit. Rather than just getting a few new brushes and contour kits, Milano was in for the shock of her life. While she received the $250 make up delivery she was expecting, there was an unexpected addition to her package. A folded dollar bill containing “a good amount of white powder” and a portion of a plastic drinking straw evidently cut for snorting purposes. 

The dollar bill and its contents were found tucked into the back of an unidentified employee’s name badge, alongside a photo of a young girl believed to be the employee’s daughter. Understandably, Milano was upset and concerned about the discovery, contacting Sephora representatives right away:

“To receive drugs in the mail that’s highly illegal, I could’ve gotten in trouble for that,” she told  PIX11 of Hoboken, New Jersey.

When Sephora was notified of the incident, Christina claims she was told the company would launch its own investigation into the situation. She also claims she was advised to ‘flush the foreign objects down the toilet’ and given a $100 gift card for her troubles. 

“It was kind of like, here’s $100, don’t talk about it.”

Despite her anger, Milano says the incident won’t change her shopping habits. She intends to continue shopping with the cosmetics company. She expressed that she expected a better response from the company representative, she says she does not hold the incident against the brand.

As for the employee, her identity has not been revealed, but someone who is allegedly her sister has confirmed the employee in question has struggled with substance abuse issues. 

Sephora’s statement on the matter is as follows:

“We have investigated the matter and taken appropriate actions,” the statement said. “Sephora prides itself on our delivery and supply chain experiences and have a zero-tolerance policy around illegal substances in the workplace. We have apologized to the impacted client for this unfortunate experience and are working with her directly to resolve it.”

Up to nine percent of people living with addiction are full-time employees in all types of positions. From the offices to the most medial position, no one is immune to the effects of addiction. Function alcoholism and drug use can make it difficult to identify when someone is struggling with a problem. Fear of losing one’s job or other consequences cause leave one to suffer in silence, potentially to tragic ends. Supporting employees through the recovery process can make all the difference.

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