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Army Lieutenant Colonel Writes Of Military Alcoholism

A female army officer, Elizabeth Robbins, has written an article stating there is high level of alcohol abuse in the military, which has led to increased cases of sexual assault. Writing for The Washington Post, Army Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Robbins stated that there is a definite connection between the alcohol abuse and cases of sexual assault found in the military.

She states, “Nearly all recent high profile cases of military sexual assault involved alcohol in some form. We must be honest with ourselves: Alcohol abuse strips away the brotherhood and incapacitates the better angels of human nature. After a few drinks with the guys, official lectures on mutual respect are forgotten by otherwise decent people.”

While the army’s recent battles with this problem have been making the headlines, it is crucial to note that alcohol abuse is found throughout all industries and occupations. It does not discriminate whether one is a teacher, carpenter, attorney or a respected member of the military. Anyone can fall victim to this disease causing an addiction that can quickly spiral out of control and cost a problem drinker their family, friends, career, criminal and traffic records, and even their life.

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