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Addiction, ADHD and Conduct Disorder Linked to the Same Neurological Problem

According to an article entitled Similar Brain Deficits Impact ADHD, Addiction, Conduct Disorder (8/13), released by PsychCentral, researchers believe that there could be a link between addiction, ADHD and conduct disorder, and a certain deficit within the brain. The article implies that many of these disorders and problems can be detected early by noting certain behaviors, and believe that because many of these problems are comorbid, stemming from the same neurological problem makes sense. Researchers came to these conclusions based on a study of nearly 2,000 14 year olds who underwent several tasks while they were monitored by MRI. The rate of identification from the initial measurement, and two years later, showed a correlation between the number of individuals with ADHD, conduct disorders and those who mentioned substance abuse or alcohol abuse in a personalized survey. As many teenagers aged the rates of ADHD and conduct disorders increased, along with the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

Researchers believe that their findings not only offer insight into the cognitive functioning of the brain, but provide important information for mental health professionals who are attempting to diagnose and treat individuals with comorbid disorders. Perhaps by developing treatment methods to address the potential of these cognitive problems mental health professionals can better concurrently impact their clients. It is noted that the next step in research should be for professionals to develop intervention methodologies that will help to target the affected area of the brain in adolescents and overcome any of the disorders presented, whether they have signs of comorbidity or not.

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