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One Washington man used running and found freedom from drug addiction. His inspiring success story gives new hope to those who are chained to chemical dependencies.

Most of the time, addiction begins with someone running away from their problems by utilizing drugs and/or alcohol. Fortunately for Northeast Washington resident Walter Barrera, running was one solution to his growing addiction.

Just a few years ago, Barrera was using crystal methamphetamine and then moved on to crack cocaine. His life was a downward spiral. Each morning he woke up and searched for the next high. Soon, he resorted to stealing.

Then one day, he began to run with the goal, each day, of running more than he had before. Barrera soon began to run 5K runs, then marathons and then 50-mile races. He found that he had replaced his addiction to drugs with a need to run. “Everything just feels perfect, feels right,” he says.

Barrera believes the only way he can keep his urges in the past is to channel his energies into attending church, reading books about running and judging how successful his day is by how much he runs.

Walter Barrera was one of the lucky ones, a man who found running was his ticket to recovery. For most drug and alcohol addicts, a modern detox facility offering a personalized program designed specifically for each client is the only solution. Located in sunny South Florida in a beautiful setting, Harbor Village enables each client to experience 24/7 detoxification in a luxury, state-of-the art environment. Each client experiences upscale accommodations including a suite complete with television and headphones, salon, spa and massage services, 30,000 square feet of outdoor lounge area, gourmet dining and a results proven individualized plan for recovery. For more information, please call 855-DETOX-00.