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9 Ways Recovery Will Improve Your Life

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Recovery from substance abuse and addiction is more than giving up one’s vices; it’s a transformation of one’s mentality and lifestyle. Understanding that helps one get through the tough, vulnerable moments of early recovery. Sobriety is taking on a new lifestyle, not simply meeting a goal.

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For those of you on the fence about rather you should enter rehab or attempt the path of sobriety, know that living a sober life is possible- for everyone. Every day you fight to improve yourself and your life is a victory.

But, if you still need a boost in motivation and dedication to your recovery, here are 15 ways recovery will improve your life.

#1: Clearer Mind

The first noticeable effect of sobriety is how much clearer your mind and thoughts become. It’s easier to focus and hold on to a specific train of thought. This is key to fully addressing and remedying substance abuse disorders and their underlying causes; you have to be clear minded in order to fully appreciate and benefit from the therapy and life coaching services you receive during treatment.

Beyond that, mental clarity helps you put the rest of your life into perspective. You begin to let go to the grudges and pain you’ve carried for so long, and focus instead on working toward your goals and happiness.

#2: Increased Energy and Stamina

Once your body is purged of the toxins associated with drug or alcohol abuse, your energy levels begin to rise again and level out. It becomes easier to get out of bed in the morning, and get through the day. You can boost your energy levels even more by integrating exercise and physical activity into your life and recovery.

#3: Improved Mood

Just as your energy levels increase, your mood improves throughout the recovery process. This is due to a number of factors including restoration of natural serotonin levels to progress during the course of therapy. Being able to actively choose to be the best version of yourself, you build your self-esteem and overall outlook on life.

#4: Health Benefits

We touched on this briefly before, but from the moment you begin purging the toxins of drugs and alcohol from your body, your body is fighting to repair itself. Recovery reduces your chances of developing life-threatening diseases like cancers and COPD. Not to mention the improvement you will see in your physical appearance: clearer skin, healthier hair, skin, and nails, etc. Addiction recovery is about overall health of the mind, body, and soul.

#5: Better Relationships

Addiction is a selfish disease; it overwhelms the mind, forcing itself into the top priority in all aspects of life. This leads to strained and damaged interpersonal relationships, but not all is lost. Part of the recovery process is learning forgive yourself and seek forgiveness in others. While we should not rely on others’ forgiveness, opening the door can help to mend families and friendships.

#6: Financial Stability

Combining the mental clarity and life skills training you receive in rehab can improve all aspects of your life- your favorite improvement may happen in your bank account. When you no longer compulse spend to feed addiction, you have more money for the things that matter, like building memories.

#7: Improved Mental Health

Speaking of mental health, while we may spend months or years convinced the only means of relieving depression or anxiety is through substance abuse. Through recovery and counselling we learn positive coping mechanisms that do more than numb the pain for a while. That’s the power and beauty of recovery- you no longer have to run from feeling.

#8: Self Discovery

The journey of recovery is all about self discovery! There’s a strength and serenity lying within you that you never knew existed. That’s where the path of sobriety leads you.

#9: Sober Adventures!

All the fantastic things you’ll do with your new found lease on life will be a thousand times better in your sobriety. Being able to focus on enjoying your experiences, remember them in full detail, and be in the moment is greatest gift you will ever give yourself.

Tell us about the things you’ve gained in your sobriety in the comment below!

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