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7 Mini Drug Documentaries You Need to Watch Right Now

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It’s hard to connect to addiction.

Before I started working in the recovery field, I knew nothing about substance use disorders. I thought I did- but now I know I had no clue about what I thought was real. Perception is everything, but sometimes you’re just dead wrong.

(See: Things That Make You Look Dumb When You Talk About Addiction.)

I mostly attribute this to being blessed with the absence of chronic addictions in my immediate life.

Or, at least I thought.

Looking back at what I considered normal, I now know two of my dearest loved ones were truly “functioning” alcoholics. It’s not until addiction is thrust in your face in such a way you can no longer deny its severity. The disease is mistaken for simply ruining the life it will eventually take, but this gives us no insight into the suffering of their loved ones, or communities, from the supposedly “singular” disease.

Addiction hurts everyone. Addiction is a universal experience. Addiction does not have to revolve around drugs or alcohol; it manifests in multiple forms, and we have proof. Take a moment to step out of your sphere of bliss, and listen to what those who have survived- and who are still struggling with addiction- have to say.

EMINEM – I am back ( Mini-documentary) in his own words

Eminem opens up about realizing his addiction was spiraling out of control. Whatsmore, had he continued to abuse drugs, his doctor said he would have died.

“Recovery is probably one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.”

World’s Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive)

Ever heard of Scopolamine, “The Devil’s Breath?” I pray you never encounter it.

“You’re like a complete zombie. . . following other people’s orders.”

“You lose all your willpower. . . You can’t react.”

“This thing only has two uses, to rob, to study, or to kill. Understand?”

“It’s the transmitter if poisons”

“The victim won’t remember anything, and therefore won’t report anything. . . their memory is gone.”

Uganda’s Moonshine Epidemic

“[Making moonshine] is the only way [women] can make money is to employ themselves.”

“We need to work hard for everything but earn very little.”

Amy Winehouse (Full) The Untold Story

Hear Amy’s story from the perspective of her loved ones.

How Medical Pot Is Helping Seniors Get Off (Prescription) Drugs

While there are undeniable benefits of medical marijuana, it- like any other prescription- must be used responsibly and as prescribed. Should we begin shifting healthcare from prescription medications to more natural solutions like marijuana, despite it’s potential danger and misuse?

How significant is the influence of drugs on artists?

How El Chapo Became World’s Biggest Drug Lord

Here’s how not to turn into Breaking Bad’s marvelously mad Tuco.

“They like him because he came from poverty. . . and the myth is that he helps people.”

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