5 Signs You’re Addicted to Marijuana

Though still illegal in many states, marijuana use has become widely socially accepted and almost expected, especially among younger crowds. Today, smoking weed is treated much like social drinking, with many believing it’s actually a safer alternative to alcohol use. These misconceptions are dangerous: not only does marijuana use impair your judgement and contribute to many of the same accidental tragedies, but believing the hype could lead to an unanticipated struggle with addiction. Though it may be safer than some heavy duty street drugs, denying marijuana’s addictive nature only begets the problem.

Recognizing the signs of marijuana addiction can be vital to preventing escalation and redirecting your life onto a more positive path. Here are 5 signs you shouldn’t ignore:

You NEED to Wake and Bake

Compulsive need to smoke marijuana to get your day started is an early sign that recreational use is edging into something more. If you find yourself looking for a joint before putting breakfast together, or taking a few hits before heading out the door, it’s time to really consider the causes behind your habit. This isn’t limited to just early morning smoking sessions. If you find yourself needing to get high before taking on any activity, it could be a sign of a lurking problem- especially if it interferes with your ability to complete it.

Not Being Able to Smoke Ruins Your Mood

Relying on weed too heavily to keep yourself calm and in good spirits is a sign of the emotional dependency of marijuana addiction. Don’t believe the myths that say marijuana is non-addictive: if you have to smoke to avoid feeling sick or experiencing mood swings and irritability, you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Ignoring these signs only prolongs these negative symptoms, leading to an endless cycle of suffering.

Smoking Dictates Rather You Go Out or Not

If your friends have to tempt you into coming out and participating in fun with promises of smoking or marijuana, that’s a massive sign that your marijuana use may be an issue. Your choice of rather you hang out with friends should be based on a desire to bond and spend time with them, not rather they can feed your marijuana addiction. You may also find your friend circle shifting to include people who support your smoking habits. Common ground found through substance abuse may bind you now, but this is because addiction attracts itself.

You’ve Neglected Responsibilities for Weed

Marijuana addiction has a means of placing itself as priority above all else. If you find yourself bargaining and budgeting to make sure you’re never without weed- to the point of neglecting bills or even food- it’s time to take a hard look at you smoking habits. You shouldn’t be making life decisions to keep a steady supply of marijuana. Paying bills late, going hungry, or passing up on other necessities for a high is a huge red flag that you’re addicted to marijuana.

Anything and Everything is an Excuse to Smoke

Addiction is closely tied to your emotions. If you find yourself craving to get high in response to stress, anger, sadness, or even joy, odds are you are experiencing symptoms of addiction. Relying on any illicit substance to cope with the trials of life only provides a temporary distraction, not a solution. On the other end of the spectrum, looking for excuses to smoke only exemplifies your reliance on marijuana.

Accepting that your habit may have advanced into marijuana addiction is the first step toward recovery. Learning to live beyond marijuana abuse releases you from its grip, allowing you to flourish and grow.


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