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3 Objectives of Drug Detox Treatment

Successfully completing drug detox treatment is more than receiving a certificate of completion. Victims of drug and alcohol addiction are expected to attain a certain level of understanding revolving the disease of addiction. While it’s true, drug detox treatment is designed to redress the initial physical dependence of addiction, treatment with the best addiction detox center in Florida exceeds the expectations of most other drug detox facilities. Harbor Village Detox doesn’t stop to only focus on the topical ailments of addiction physically, we dig deep into the core of addiction by addressing the roots of the disease emotionally and mentally as well.

The core three objectives of successful drug detox treatment are essentially the same across the board of drug detox, but the results vary greatly in the execution of drug and alcohol treatment. We present the top three objectives of drug detox, as it pertains to leading patients to lasting sobriety long after drug detox treatment.

1) Relinquish Physical Dependence of Drugs & Alcohol


Drug detox is first and foremost an immediate address of the physical dependence your body has developed over prolonged periods of abuse. Depending on your level of addiction, your body may have ceased the production of critical chemicals use to manage your moods and regulate normal, healthy behavior. Drug detox is the process of purging your body of any addictive substances to make way for continued treatment; essentially, drug detox will be your first continuous experience of sobriety. In light of this, addiction medical specialists are prepared to treat you for the signs and symptoms of withdrawal.

2) Manage the Signs and Symptoms of Withdrawal

In the event patients react adversely to the ill effects of withdrawal, our award-winning addiction medical professionals will administer the medical treatment you need before you know you need it. We’ve been through the grueling process of withdrawal ourselves, and understand you can’t focus on getting better if you’re bedridden for the duration of your stay with us. That’s why we exhaust every available resource to ensure your withdrawal process is fast and pain free. We want to treat you for more than just the physical signs of abuse. Our instrumental addiction therapists will help you identify the catalysts of abuse and confront them, so that you have a solid basis to build upon by the time you enroll into drug rehab treatment in Florida.

3) Identify the Contributing Factors of Addiction and Develop a Treatment Regimen to Avoid Them

During drug detox treatment identifying the underlying factors precipitating abuse is an important cornerstone in effective drug and alcohol recovery. Once you’ve been treated for the potentially debilitating illnesses of withdrawal, our compassionate addiction specialists will encourage you to participate in group and intensive therapy. Becoming an active seeker of the inner bramble sof abuse contributing to your addiction will reveal a great deal of the affliction of addiction isn’t your fault, but  derives from your genetic history of abuse a negative environmental stimulus. Our addiction treatment specialists will help you establish mental and emotional coping mechanisms to actively combat underlying feelings of anger, chronic depression, and anguishing anxiety which may lead you back to abusing addictive substances.

Establishing a firm treatment program to implement after drug detox is imperative to continue the traction of successful drug and alcohol treatment. The tools you carry with you will drastically build upon the coping strategies and techniques you’ll learn in subsequent drug rehab programs in Florida.

To begin your journey in addiction treatment today visit our website for information on our drug treatment center in Florida!


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