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3 Easy, Dopamine- Boosting Smoothie Recipes

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Protecting your mental health throughout your recovery journey is a necessary for long term sobriety. We’ve covered self-care and the importance of actively participating in therapy, which help to address your mental health on the external level, but what about internally? Yes, there are natural alternatives to medication that can help boost your dopamine levels and benefit your mental health! While these recipes are in no way a replacement for taking the proper medication, their effects can help a great deal when you need a helping hand. Bust out your blender and plan a trip to the grocery store to try out these 3 easy, dopamine-boosting smoothie recipes!

Banana Cinnamon Coconut Brain Boosting Smoothie

This dopamine-boosting smoothie recipe is high in important nutrients that support healthy brain activity such as protein, fiber, and antioxidants. To make this smoothie you’ll need:

1 small banana, peeled and frozen (about ½ cup)

¾ cup of organic coconut milk

1 tbsp of chia seeds- protein and fiber to stabilize blood sugar levels

½ tsp of cinnamon

½ cup of espresso (one double shot)- antioxidants and focus boosting

Combine these ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed until smooth.

Almond Kale Smoothie Recipe for Motivation and Focus

Almonds are a great brain enhancer because they are full of protein and dopamine. Combined with the metabolism benefits of ginger and blood stabilization of cinnamon, this smoothie recipe is great for helping to counter the physical causes of poor mental health. Ingredients:

1 small banana, peeled and frozen

¾ of kale, stems removed

¾ cup of almond milk

¾ tbsp of almond butter

⅛ tsp of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger respectively

Combine into a blender and mix until smooth.

Chocolate Banana Mood Boosting Smoothie Recipe

Chocolate-banana smoothie recipes are popular for a reason: they’re delicious comfort foods for when we feel like treating ourselves. Now you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging on these smoothie recipes: just add raw cacao for a natural dopamine and serotonin boost! For this smoothie recipe, go to the grocery store and grab these ingredients:

2 tbsps of chocolate smoothie mix

1 medium banana

1 tsp of raw cacao

2 tsp of chia seeds

¾ cup of low-fat soy milk

4 to 5 ice cubes

Blend on high speed until smooth and enjoy!

Do you know any dopamine-boosting smoothie  recipes you want to share? Comment below!

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