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Be Active! 10 Ways to Make Fitness Part of Your Sober Summer!

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At Harbor Village we’re diving head first into sober summer fun! We have tons planned for our lovely readers, including a new monthly eMagazine, a photo contest, and more that has yet to be announced! Are you excited? Because I’m excited!

With summer officially underway, people are looking for ways to be more active and take advantage of the changes in weather and warmth. From hiking and swimming to summer backpacking adventures, there’s thousands of different ways to get outside and get moving.

Physical fitness can be especially important in your road to recovery from addiction; beyond helping to reverse some of the damage of prolonged drinking or drug use, being regularly active boosts your mood and confidence naturally.

Interested in incorporating a fitness regimen into your summer? Just looking for some fun tips for getting outside? Never fear! Here are 10 ways to make fitness part of your sober summer!

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1. Go Walking

The  best place to start when it comes to incorporating exercise into your life and being more active this summer is with walking. Just taking the time to walk a few minutes each day can quickly add up, especially when paired with healthy eating and drinking plenty of water. Stuck in an office all day? That’s fine, too! Try taking a stroll around the building or even just stepping in place when you need a break from staring at your computer. Add some stretching to that, and you’re already on your way to being more active!

2. Add a Quick Jog

So you already walk pretty frequently throughout the day and you want to step your game up- try adding a jog! This is one of my personal summer goals, and it’s great for your cardiovascular health. Rather you go jogging in the morning to start your day, in the evening to wind down, or somewhere in between, do your heart a favor and do it! Start at your own pace , but don’t get too comfortable- try to get a jog in at least once a week and push yourself to see how far you can go! In no time you’ll be able to conquer a mile or more. From there, you can always work your way up to running, or even train for a marathon.

3. Hit the Gym

So maybe you’re not so interested in jogging or walking in all that hot, humid weather- don’t worry, there’s still hope for being more active this sober summer in the gym! With a variety of exercise equipment, classes, and personal coaching available, gyms are perfect for squeezing an hour or so of exercise into your busy schedule. They’re also great of socializing and keeping your mind focused should you experience any urges- plus many are open late! Most gyms offer promotional discounts and free trial periods during the summer, so find the one that’s best for you and get to work!

4. Take a Dive

Another awesome way to beat the heat while staying sober this summer is the hit the water. Rather you do a few laps in the community pool or you live within walking distance of the beautiful beaches, water activities are perfect for making fitness part of your sober summer! Inexperienced in the water? No worries- swimming lessons for all ages are available! Also, if you are near a large enough body of water, consider going snorkeling or scuba diving. Just be sure to leave the natural habitat undisturbed when you leave!

5. Participate in a Fitness Charity Event

Lots of charities for great causes have fun summer fitness events you can take part of! Sign up for a walk, race, or other fun activity with the charity of your choice for the double benefit improving your health and helping promote a cause. Raise awareness and your heart rate in one go! Note: be sure to research the charity or non-profit organization hosting the event before hand to make sure your hard work and money you help raise is going to the right place.

6.Try a Spin Class or Hot Yoga Class

If making a few new friends this summer (or maybe get a hot date) is on your list of to-do’s this summer as well as getting fit, you can do both with a fitness course at your local gym, park, or community college. Spin classes and hot yoga are especially popular. These types of courses offer the added bonus of keeping you motivated without having to pay for a private trainer. Get a few friends together and try one out- the first class is usually free! If not, check out Groupon for some great deals.

7. Complete a 30 Day Challenge

Are you the competitive type? Love the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with completing a challenge? Why not make it a part of your sober summer? 30 day fitness challenges are really popular right now, mostly because social media has made it easier to connect with others also participating in the challenges, as well aiding in staying on track and monitoring your progress. There are 30 day challenges for all types of goals: toning muscle, losing a few pounds, or simply being more active. Also, don’t think that just because a 30 day challenge ends doesn’t mean you can’t keep going! Your selected challenge can lead to a brand new healthy habit!

8. Join (or Form) a Fitness Group

If you have trouble staying motivated or on task when it comes to exercising (like many of us), joining a fitness group is the way to go! Other members of your group can help keep you accountable for your goals and dedicated to making the best of your sober summer. Forge new friendships and work together as a team to meet and surpass your expectations! Can’t find a group in your area? You don’t have to be a trainer to start your own. Create a posting on to find some like-minded individuals to help you make fitness part of your sober summer!

9. Take Advantage of Your Environment

No matter where you live in the U.S. ( or around the world for that matter) there are ways to incorporate your environment into your fitness regimen. If you are lucky enough to live in an area that includes beaches, mountains, nature trails, or other beautiful scenery, take advantage of the pleasant summer weather to enjoy them. Go hiking to enjoy the trees and birds; learn to surf or skimboard. You can even volunteer to take part of a clean-up day to keep the parks and beaches thriving and beautiful! If you don’t have immediate access to those type of environments, don’t fret- you can still take advantage of your environment! Take the stairs instead of the elevator (be mindful of your heart health), park a bit further from the store’s entrance, or some other small changes that can help improve your fitness.

10. Keep it Fun

While you’re trying to stay fit this summer, remember to keep things fun! One major reason people lose motivation and give up on their fitness goals is because they treat it as something to endure rather than finding a way to enjoy both the process and the results. Try something new each week, rather it’s a new activity or food- keeping yourself on your toes helps you learn what works for you and keeps your routine from getting stagnant- remember: sober doesn’t have to mean boring!

What are your sober summer fitness goals? Let us know in the comments!

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