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10 Things to Remember On a Bad Day

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Life has a way of sending you soaring with exhilarating highs then dealing crushing blows; it may even seem that life sets you up for the sole purpose of sending you crashing back down, leading to apprehension and paranoia of the next bad day when things are going too good.

When it comes to addiction recovery and leading a sober life, this kind of thought process can lead to dangerous places. Obsessing over the next bad thing that will happen fosters worry and anxiety which may lead to relapse, but it’s also important to allow yourself to recognize these feelings and work your way through them.

In the moment it seems the good times never last and the low points never end- but that’s not true. When that happens, here are 10 things to remember when life gets rough.

#1. No One is Perfect— And That’s a Good Thing

Imagine how boring life would be if your life was perfect. All of those bumps and and bruises you’ve gained in your journey through life are what make you unique– and they’re great stories to swap with friends.

#2. Progress is a Journey, Not a Goal

Sometimes focusing too much on a goal rather than the journey can be a pitfall. Remember to enjoy every step of the way- even the missteps- because it’s all a part of the process.

#3. As Long as You Keep Moving, You Have Never Failed

Everyone stumbles in life at one point or another; the key is to never let those stumbles to keep you down. Setbacks are temporary things; they shouldn’t deter you from continue striving forward.

#4. There’s a Lesson in Every Struggle

Remember that one day you will look back on these times and recognize the life lessons you learned in each one- even if it’s just reinforcing how strong you are.

#5. A Bad Day Doesn’t Equal a Bad Life

There’s a silver lining in everything if you look for it. The old cliche of “everything passes” may not be what you want to hear right now, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

#6. You are Entitled to Time for Yourself

Me time is important for everyone. If you need a personal day, take it- decompressing and reconnecting with yourself will help to keep you on the straight path.

#7. You Don’t Owe Anyone Your Happiness or Peace of Mind

If there is someone or something stealing your happiness from you, remove it. You owe no one a place in your life- and yes, that includes spouses, friends, and family members.

#8. Even If You’re Not Where You Want to Be, You’re Also Not Where You Began

Progress is progress, no matter how small or how many times life knocks you back a few steps. With each of those steps you are proving to yourself and everyone else that you are strong and capable of anything you put your mind to.

#9. Feel It, Don’t Live in It

Acknowledging your emotions is important; ignoring or bottling them up will only lead to problems in the future. Allow yourself to feel, but don’t get trapped in your feelings. Let them come and let them go.

#10. This Too Shall Pass

Though they may feel all-consuming in the moment, these low times are like clouds: sometimes they’re small clouds that pass quickly, other times they fill the sky. But they always pass.

What are some things you like to keep in mind for those bad days? Comment below to tell us about them!

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