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Preventing Relapse in the Wake of the Presidential Election

  • Preventing Relapse in the Wake of the Presidential Election

    Preventing Relapse in the Wake of the Presidential Election

    Let me preface this by saying Harbor Village does not and did not officially endorse any presidential candidate. This is not about politics- it’s about the very real ramifications millions of Americans could be facing.

    Billions of anxious eyes watched last night’s presidential election results, knowing no matter what happened America’s history would be changed. For some, Donald Trump’s victory was a resounding victory; for others, it marks the beginning of the end.Preventing Relapse in the Wake of the Presidential Election image

    The anxiety and fear that has been mounting during this presidential election is now at a head. While we cannot say for sure what the future holds, for people in recovery, there’s a pressing danger right now.

    Emotional distress is a major trigger for urges to drink or abuse drugs. Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are high now, especially for members of minority groups. Fear and an inability to cope with these emotions can put one in a vulnerable position during addiction recovery. If you find yourself feeling this way, please, do not act on impulse.

    Breathe. Take a moment to recenter yourself. Remind yourself of all the reasons you began your journey in the first place. Reach out to members of your support team or contact a counselor. Speak to your therapist. Know that even if today seems bleak, it can and will get better. Do not sacrifice your progress and achievements in the face of adversity.

    We all carry a secret strength within- the ability to go high when others go low.

    Stay safe, stay sane, stay sober. We are always here to help support you.

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