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The Effects of Bath Salts

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The Effects of Bath Salts

Bath Salts are a synthetic form of cathinone responsible for the systematic shutdown of the liver, kidneys, muscle tissue, and cardiac function if the substance is excessively abused. Because Bath Salts are extremely addictive, and hinder the production of critical neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, addiction to the substance forms quickly. Bath salts are commonly abused drugs responsible for the detriment of both the physical and psychological bodies. Continued use of the substances causes permanent brain damage, and may result in overdose, toxicity and poisoning from Bath Salts. Bath Salts have given rise to a slew of other synthetic drugs. One of the most famous among them is flakka. Bath Salt addiction left untreated is not only dangerous for the individual addicted to the substance, but to those around them. Bath salts induce unproved anger, hallucinations, and delusions, which make those high on the substance irrational, paranoid, and violent. The effects of bath salts are felt around the communities in which abuse of the substance is common, as the effects of bath salts are not localized to their users exclusively. Lack of education about the adverse effects of bath salts, along with its inexpensive price tag is responsible for many of the horrific tragedies revolving around use of bath salts. America and the United Kingdom both have suffered from the effects of bath salts.

The Societal Effects of Bath Salts

Bath salt addictions left untreated harm entire communities, as the synthetic substance is cheaply bought and disseminated through poor areas without access to education, help, and community services. Law enforcement officers rendering aid to calls in response to people high on bath salts are put in danger when they engage with suspects, as bath salts induce superhuman strength, reduced sensitivity to pain, and disregard for authoritative commands. Bath salts are responsible for solidifying addictions to stimulant drugs, and may entice users to experiment with other stimulant substances, like flakka. [get-help]

The Personal Effects of Bath Salts

As an addictive substance, bath salts easily overtakes one’s personal responsibilities and commitments to one’s family. Just like heroin addiction, untreated bath salt addiction may result in financial destitute, divorce, trouble with law enforcement, job loss. and homelessness in extreme cases. Bath salt addiction doesn’t only influence one’s personal standing, but poses measurable and severe health disorders. Those who choose to take both salts intravenously suffer from increased risks to contract HIV and Hepatitis B and C. Infection rates of HIV in South Florida alone have increased by 23 percent. One of the contributing factors of heightened infection rates have been attributed to drug use with dirtied needles. Because bath salts affect critical aspects of the brain, strained personal relations are common among those with untreated bath salt use disorders. Dopamine and serotonin deficiencies make one cold, distant, temperamental and violent without treatment.

The Physical Effects of Bath Salts

In addition to the harmful societal and personal effects of untreated bath salt addictions, there are measurable physical effects too. Bath salts are responsible for the following physical symptoms and conditions:
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Deterioration of Muscle Tissue
  • Kidney Failure
  • Liver Failure
  • Cardiac Failure and Complication
  • Decreased Sensitivity to Pain
  • Loss of Bowel Control
  • Chest Pain

The Psychological Effects of Bath Salts

Among the slew of other undesired effects from an addictive substance one consumes because of its immediate effects of euphoria, Bath Salts are responsible for the development of many psychological disorders and conditions including:
  • Hallucinations, Auditory, Visual, Sensory
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Psychosis
  • Mood Disorders
  • Impaired Sense of Reality
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety

Long Term Effects of Bath Salt Addiction Left Untreated

Ultimately, alike any untreated substance use disorder, eventual overdose, or toxicity and poisoning from bath salts, will result. An overdose is the inundation of too much of an addictive substance, to the point in which the body shuts down and is unable to function. In the event of a bath salt overdose, permanent brain damage can occur, followed closely by death if not attended to immediately by emergency responders. Getting treatment for bath salt dependence is the best way to prevent the harmful psychological, physical, societal, and personal effects of bath salts.

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