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Detox and Withdrawal of Bath Salts

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Do Bath Salts Cause Withdrawal?

Yes! even though bath salts is a synthetic stimulant drug, forgoing the substance once addiction has established itself will lead to withdrawal symptoms, which can be alleviated with medical treatment and monitoring. The longer one goes without bath salts, the more intense, and longer lasting the symptoms of withdrawal are. Many who undergo withdrawal treatment need to be weaned off of bath salts before abstaining from the substance entirely, to ensure the process is safe. Those suffering from substance use disorders, and bath salt use disorders will forgo treatment because of the fear and anxiety stemming from undergoing the withdrawal process. Medically assisted drug treatment helps patients enroll into withdrawal to avoid the following common symptoms of bath salt withdrawal:

Symptoms of Bath Salt Withdrawal

  • Acute Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Intense Cravings for Bath Salts
  • Impaired Memory
  • Concentration Issues
  • Violent Reactions
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Fatigue

Detox Treatment for Bath Salts

Because bath salts are extremely toxic to both the physical and mental body, remedying bath salt abuse quickly is essential to stave off permanent damage and the source of mood disorders, which may complicate recovery efforts. During bath salt treatment and detoxification patients undergo medically assisted drug treatment, and will be prescribed sedatives to come down from the adverse effects of bath salts, which is responsible for damaging major organs with prolonged use. The detoxification process has one objective: cleanse the body of addictive substances. During treatment detox will be the first most point of abstaining from addictive drugs of choice. Because of the physical dependency established with prolonged use, withdrawal has the potential to be excruciating, and dangerous, outside of an accredited treatment facility. During detox patients can expect to receive medically assisted drug treatment and begin relinquishing their physical dependence to bath salts. Harbor Village is one of the only addiction treatment centers which addresses the physical and mental aspects of addiction as early as detoxification treatment. Most treatment centers wait until the later stages of addiction treatment to begin therapy, but Harbor Village established intensive and group therapy as early as detoxification treatment to help those with bath salt use disorders address the underlying causes of addiction. Although detoxification is mainly intended to treat the physical aspects of addiction, establishing the underlying causes and reasons for bath salt use and abuse early on may provide initial insights useful for the duration of bath salt addiction treatment.

Enrolling in Detox and Withdrawal for Bath Salts

As stated before, many do not get the chance to receive the best treatment for detox and withdrawal for many reasons. One of the more unfortunate among them is suffering from an overdose attributed to bath salts. Others do not believe getting help for bath salt abuse is necessary- but addiction establishes itself quickly and takes many by surprise. Getting treatment for abuse, even before chronic addiction has manifested, increases one’s chances for kicking the habit altogether, and avoiding permanent physical and psychological damage caused from the addictive substance.

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