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Detox and Withdrawal of Barbiturates

While seeking treatment from a detox center is the best option for those suffering from barbiturate addiction, it is equally important to know and prepare one’s self for what comes next. Going in blind can be overwhelming and lead to failure in the attempt to recover. Do not fret! While relapse is best avoided, it is not the end of the line but a chance to start over. Here’s what you need to know before you commit to detoxification. [get-help]

Symptoms of Detox and Withdrawal of Barbiturates

As any addict would attest, symptoms of withdrawal don’t set in immediately after deciding the sober path is the one to follow. Barbiturate withdrawal symptoms do typically begin between 8 to 12 hours after the last dose is taken and they last up to 15 days. The first few days are the most difficult to maintain commitment through as they test not only the will to recover but the body’s strength. Nausea, dizziness, sweating, and tremors set in within the first couple of days, along with weakness and restlessness. Insomnia, anxiety, hostility, and hallucinations may also play a part in the struggle to survive the beginning of recovery. In bad cases of detox and withdrawal of barbiturates, the recoverer also suffers seizures and psychosis, a sign of more extensive damage done by prolonged abuse. It is vital that the addict receives medical treatment through the detoxification process. Not only does it increase the chances of success, but detoxing from suppressants without medical supervision can be deadly. Quitting ‘cold turkey’ can cause the central nervous system to essentially crash. Hyperthermia sets in followed by failure of the circulatory system and ultimately death.  

The Benefits of Receiving Treatment Throughout the Detoxification and Withdrawal of Barbiturates

As previously mentioned, attempting to detox through abstinence can be risky at best and reactions to the sudden lack of barbiturates can be fatal. Through treatment with a properly certified addiction treatment facility one’s chances of success are greatly improved. Under doctor supervision people seeking recovery will receive gradually decreased doses of barbiturates in order to slowly wean the body out of dependency. This reduces the ill effects of the detoxification process as well as provides consistent monitoring by a medical staff. Facilities like Harbor Village offer access to a 24-hour medical staff as well as support from a psychiatric team to begin addressing underlying triggers of drug dependency. Success with the right rehabilitation center can significantly reduce the chance of relapse, which can be just as dangerous as abstaining from use.  

Dangers of Relapse after Barbiturate Detox

Completing a detoxification program cleanses the body of all traces of barbiturates. It also effectively decreases the body’s tolerance levels. This means not only does it take less to get high, but the typical dose a former user is used to consuming could now trigger an overdose. In a fit of desperation, those turning back to drug use may not realise this and tragically result in accidental death. An overdose after recover is much more likely to be deadly even if the victim has survived overdoses before because of the body’s extreme adverse reactions. Relapsing poses emotional and mental dangers as well. Often after the high has faded, those who relapse experience intense feelings of regret, disappointment, and helplessness. Recoverers who feel as if they have failed are more likely to engage in risky behaviors and find themselves in dangerous situations. They feel they are too weak to overcome their addictions and doomed to the life of an addict. This is simply not true. Addiction is a disease and as such, relapse should be viewed as another obstacle in recovery to concur, not the end of the road.

If you are struggling with barbiturate addiction or any other substance problem, it’s time to seek the help you need to begin your own recovery story. Call Harbor Village today.


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