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The Effects of Amphetamine

What Are the Effects of Amphetamine?

Sometimes because amphetamine is prescribed to treat certain health conditions, some consider amphetamine a safer drug to take in excess- but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. With prolonged use of amphetamines, permanent physical and mental damage is incurred to those double dosing amphetamines or using the drug on a recreational basis. Identifying the symptoms of amphetamine addiction is crucial to ensure substance abuse does not foment chronic addictive disorders.

Physical Effects of Amphetamine

  More than the initial, intended effects of amphetamine, which are increased alertness, focus, and energy, prolonged abuse of the substance create permanent physical conditions which may include, but are not limited to, damage to brain cells, malnutrition (amphetamine users do not typically feel hungry, and must be in constant motion), compromised immune system, co dependency on other sleep-inducing drugs, increased chances of violence.  

Psychological Effects of Amphetamine

  Although many start out taking amphetamine to become more social, the long term effects of the drug create the opposite atmosphere by spurring the development of social disorders. In addition to the adverse effects of the psychological illnesses developed with continued amphetamine abuse, the disorders may become permanent without sufficient amphetamine addiction treatment early on. Some psychological conditions caused by amphetamine include: schizophrenia, chronic mood swings, hallucinations, and psychosis.   [get-help]  

The Effects of Amphetamine on Personal Relationships

  Alike other addictive substances, the abuse and addiction to amphetamine wildly changes the behavior in individuals. Relationships are typically strained during the onset of abuse, and subsequent addiction may not be realized until users become fully physically and psychologically dependent on amphetamines. Zeroing in on the symptoms of amphetamine addiction is imperative to help counteract the effects of amphetamine on personal relationships. Many addicted to amphetamine will have uncharacteristic run-ins with the law, and entirely forgo their responsibilities and ignore their hobbies in favor of chasing the high of amphetamines. Many family members and loved ones do not understand one’s obsession with amphetamine, but the substance, once chronic addiction is developed, is necessary for those addicted to it to feel “normal.”  

Amphetamine in the Academic and Professional Environment

  Although amphetamines are slated to help keep one awake, energized, and in continual motion, work productivity may improve at first, and then quickly spiral to the wayside. Those who develop chronic disorders are often disorientated, violent, and unable to adhere to normal social expectations. The same is true for students abusing amphetamines because they think the drug will help them perform better at school. A commonly drug abused drug with an amphetamine base for the purposes of increasing work production is adderall.  

Knowing When to Get Help for Amphetamine Addiction

  Recognizing the signs of amphetamine abuse early will help to prevent the development of addiction altogether. Having to undergo the detox and withdrawal process of Amphetamine can be entirely avoided if substance abuse is caught early on. Although many with substance abuse issues benefit from amphetamine addiction treatment because addiction counselors not only rectify the physical aspects of amphetamine abuse, but also help to identify and redress the underlying instances and causes of prolonged addiction.  

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