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Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida imageEnroll in Harbor Village Detox’s Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida to Overcome Addiction to Alcoholism


Most people are afraid of committing to an alcohol rehab center in Florida because they’re afraid of undergoing the debilitating symptoms of withdrawal. If you’ve tried to detox from alcohol on your own, you know alcohol detox is one of the most painfully miserable processes someone can go through. Historically, alcohol detox is the most dangerous substance to detox from, that’s why it’s critical to enroll in an accredited alcohol rehab center in Florida. Those who try to detox from alcohol on their own can die from the severity of the symptoms. Those without a history of epilepsy may experience seizures and hallucinations while undergoing detox on their own. Harbor Village Detox ensures all patients are immediately treated for the symptoms of withdrawal before they have a chance to manifest.

Harbor Village Detox believes attacking the direct causes of addiction is key to treating alcohol addiction in the first place. During alcohol rehab with Harbor Village Detox you’ll have the opportunity to avoid the sickness of withdrawal completely, understand the nature of addiction and eliminate the causes of addiction completely, learn how to ignore cravings for alcohol, and receive the life management tools that will make living sober second nature.

If you’re ready to conquer alcohol addiction, it’s time to act today. Your family is waiting! Harbor Village Detox understands how important family is to the addiction recovery process, that’s why in addition to cognitive behavioral therapy and medically assisted drug treatment, our alcohol rehab center in Florida utilizes family therapy. We help patients reconnect with their families after years of strained relations, and we teach families about the truth of addiction. With our family therapy programs you and your family will learn together how to prevent relapse and live happy lives without the weight of addiction.


3 Months of Treatment in Harbor Village Detox’s Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida and You’re Done!Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida image


Overcoming addiction is ultimately a life long process, but Harbor Village Detox will help eliminate your physical dependence to alcohol in under three months! But we’ll do better than that: we’ll teach you how to ignore cravings and confront addiction head on. Most people with alcohol use disorders lack the necessary life skills to cope with depression, anxiety, anger, and stressful circumstances. We’ll fill in the gaps for you and teach you how to become an effective communicator. We’ll give you the power to engage in healthy alternatives as opposed to learning on alcohol as a crutch.

We don’t believe in band-aids. From the moment you begin your inpatient medical detox treatment we help you confront the underlying causes of addiction so you never have to handle the disease of addiction on your own again. Don’t subject yourself to the disease of addiction any longer. Our addiction treatment programs will help you fully recover in three months, but we don’t stop there. We have sober living community programs which will help you transition from our 24 hour medically monitored facility. You have the power to change with the help of Harbor Village Detox.


Don’t wait to get help for alcohol addiction anymore than you already have, call (855) 767-8285 today to begin your treatment in as little as one day! We accept most major insurances. Call now!

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