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Alcohol Detox Fort Lauderdale imageGet Help with Harbor Village Detox’s Alcohol Detox Near Fort Lauderdale Before It’s Too Late


If you or a loved one are struggling to overcome alcoholism, you can get the help you need through alcohol detox at Harbor Village. Deciding to get help for an alcohol substance use disorder could save your life from years of untold misery and agony. Going through alcohol addiction alone can be dangerous, especially if you attempt to quit cold turkey. Those who have suffered from alcohol addiction for a number of years (and those who quickly developed a physical dependence to alcohol) will exhibit severe withdrawal symptoms including:


  • Dehydration
  • Seizures
  • Visual and Audible Hallucinations
  • High Fever
  • Delirium


These symptoms left untreated can cause death- that’s why its absolutely critical you get the help of a certified addiction professional to begin your journey to sobriety. Harbor Village Detox makes overcoming alcohol addiction through alcohol rehab comfortable. Our addiction counselors will create personalized treatment plans specific to your individual needs. You’ll never feel like a number here; Harbor Village Detox gives recovering patients the opportunity to meet and connect with other recovering substance abusers, reestablishing social ties with the community around you.

If you’re worried about undergoing the excruciating withdrawal process, Harbor Village Detox has you covered, Our alcohol detox center in Fort Lauderdale provides immediate treatment for withdrawal as soon as you step through our doors. We make it easy to overcome alcohol addiction.


Going the Extra Mile with Alcohol Detox within miles of Fort Lauderdale

Alcohol Detox Fort Lauderdale image

Harbor Village Detox will help you overcome alcohol addiction, but our addiction treatment services don’t stop at alcohol detox. Our alcohol detox center in Miami helps patients connect with local alcohol rehabilitation programs, AA meetings, and sober living communities after treatment. We believe in giving you all the tools of success from the moment you enter our treatment facility. Working together with our medical professionals, who are accredited by The Joint Commission, we offer the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment available in the region.

All you need to do is take this moment to make the phone call that will change your life forever. Our addiction specialists are standing by to help you construct a treatment plan created just for you. We can enroll you in alcohol detox today. Don’t wait until alcohol addiction does permanent mental and physical damage to your body and major organs. When you enroll in alcohol detox, you’re making a commitment to yourself and your family to get better for the future you were always meant to have.

Fight back against addiction today and call Harbor Village Detox’s alcohol detox in Fort Lauderdale (855)767-8285!

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