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NIU Student in Florida Dies of Alcohol Poisoning During an Induction Hazing into Fraternity

  • NIU Student in Florida Dies of Alcohol Poisoning During an Induction Hazing into Fraternity

    NIU Student in Florida Dies of Alcohol Poisoning During an Induction Hazing into Fraternity

    David Bogenberger, a recent high school graduate, died of alcohol poisoning as a result of an induction ceremony into a ridiculous fraternity at NIU. 22 college students have been charged with hazing. David died in 2012, but just recently charges against those involved have begun criminal proceedings, according to the Daily Herald. David was subjected to consume enough vodka in 90 minutes to result in a .351 blood alcohol reading- which is four times the legal driving limit. Five of the ring leaders of the fraternity have been charged with felony hazing. Gary and Ruth Bogenberger have moved to Florida to attend the court proceedings. The Daily Herald quotes the Bogenbergers, “The fact that the fraternity members weren’t drinking and they goaded the pledges into drinking to illness — it’s abusive, humiliating and degrading.”

    The fraternity responsible, Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity, was suspended as a result of David’s death, and discredited as an official organization of NIU. David’s family is demanding an end to the deadly hazing process. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism half of students engaging in binge drinking- consuming more than four or five drinks in under two hours. The NIAAA reports 599,000 college students suffer the consequences from over consumption of alcohol. The institute reports 1,825 college students die as a direct result from alcohol-related injuries annually. Rarely do they get treatment in certified alcohol rehab programs.

    In David’s case, the hazing induction ceremony was most alarming, and forced fraternity members to consume countless 4 ounce cups to vodka after answering personal and nonsensical questions. The ceremony was a requirement of induction into the fraternity. Each inductee was confined to separate rooms with inquisitors. Those who passed out as a result of overconsumption were left unconscious in hallways or the basement. None of the fraternity members ever called for medical help.

    Those involved are facing misdemeanor charges which can equate to a paltry 364 days in jail coupled with a $2,500 fine. Those facing felony charges face a potential of three years in prison with a $25,000 fine. Probation will be an option for both degrees of charges. The Bogenbergers are hoping for heftier consequences for the lost of their beloved son, who was robbed of his future and life.


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