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Harry Potter Fan Theory: Witches & Wizards Didn’t Want to Have Children During Voldemort’s Reign; Magic as Inspiration: Daniel Radcliffe

  • Harry Potter Fan Theory: Witches & Wizards Didn’t Want to Have Children During Voldemort’s Reign; Magic as Inspiration: Daniel Radcliffe

    Harry Potter Fan Theory: Witches & Wizards Didn’t Want to Have Children During Voldemort’s Reign; Magic as Inspiration: Daniel Radcliffe

    Update 5.27.16
    Harry Potter fans have another reason to be sad their favorite series is over– except with the soon-to-be released The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them.

    A new Harry Potter fan theory speculates Harry’s Griffin class is alarmingly small because wizards and witches didn’t want to have children during Voldemort’s rise to power. 
    Think of all the characters we’ve never gotten to meet if it’s true! Horrible. Terrible. No good. Very bad Rowling!
    It’s just a theory, of course.




    For an entire generation of young adults, Daniel Radcliffe and his former Harry Potter cast-mates were more than actors playing their favorite characters; they were childhood friends that we grew up with in a literal sense- Daniel, Emma, and Rupert were only about 12 years old when the first movie was released, the same age as many of us who gleefully watched their movies and waited for each book’s release with gleeful anticipation.

    As adults now, we are able to take a step back and realize what life must have been like for the Golden Trio- living in the spotlight, adored by millions, and bound to a franchise no one could predict would be so popular. The pressure and weight of the Harry Potter universe had to be immense, especially on the shoulders of one prepubescent boy- The Chosen One, just like Harry himself.

    Over the years Daniel Radcliffe has blossomed into a well-shaped, charming young man enjoying a quiet life while continuing to act on stage and screen. However, there was a dark moment in Radcliffe’s life where his addiction to alcohol nearly cost him everything.

    Daniel has opened up about his troubles with binge drinking and alcohol-fueled troubles. He admitted to drinking even during his days as Harry Potter, in order to deal with the tumultuous emotions and stress his role brought to his daily life. Radcliffe has even been candid enough to admit to underage drinking during filming for Harry Potter and the Half- Blood Prince, which he has said is his least favorite in the series due to the effects his drinking had on his acting.


    Though he is hardly the first child star to suffer from a substance abuse disorder as a direct result of stardom at such a young age, he made the conscious decision to abstain from alcohol in 2010 when it became apparent to him that his drinking was doing more harm than good. His close friends and co-stars, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, also played a role in his decision to get sober, as his alcohol abuse was causing a rift among the close-knit group.

    Since filming for the Harry Potter movie franchise ended and Radcliffe received treatment for his alcohol abuse, he has made the conscious choice to distance himself from the harsh light of Hollywood. He has seen success in post- Potter films such as “The Woman in Black” and “Kill Your Darlings”, but his great love for theatre preoccupies most of his time.

    Daniel Radcliffe has also garnered admiration for his vocal support of the LGBTQ community. Though he identifies himself as heterosexual, he openly supported marriage equality and continues to support equal rights on all spectrums. Though Radcliffe has successfully shed the skin of his most famous on-screen persona, he and the iconic wizard share altruistic, philanthropic characteristics which garner love and adoration from legions of fans.

    Image: “Daniel Radcliffe in Theatre District, New York” by Laura Bittner. Licensed under CC by 2.0.

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