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Florida Teen Alcohol Abuse Drops 30%

  • Florida Teen Alcohol Abuse Drops 30%

    Florida Teen Alcohol Abuse Drops 30%

    Florida is leading the nation in declining rates of teens abusing alcohol. so far the state has decreased underage consumption by 30 percent, according to Politifcat. Middle schoolers have decreased their alcohol consumption b 10.2 points, from 2004 to 2014; high schoolers have decreased their consumption of alcohol by 13.6 points. This data is an aggregate of more than 13,000 questionnaire forms filled out by children in schools across the United States. Although the entire nation has seen a decrease in alcohol consumption by school goers, Florida leads the nation with double digit drops.

    Alcohol prevention means are being introduced earlier in schools during health class, which may account for the drop in Florida. Parents are encouraged to speak to their children about the dangers of alcohol consumption and subsequent alcohol use disorders (commonly referred to as alcoholism). Most schools have help programs which help teens address substance use disorders early on.

    In an effort to keep the trend of declining alcohol consumption among teens down, Florida considered putting restrictions on the craft beer industry. Tasting [craft beer] rooms are potential breeding grounds for consumption of alcohol by teenagers, and lawmakers want to limit that possibility as much as they can by limiting the amount of craft beer allowed per sample inside tasting rooms. A proposed bill will be revisited in the days to come. Florida has recently proposed a ban of powdered alcohol to help keep teen drinking rates down. Politifcat conducted their own investigation as to whether or not Florida is truly leading the nation in declining alcohol rates, and they have stated the information presented by state legislatures are true.

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