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The Working Class Is Abusing Adderall Right Under Our Noses

  • The Working Class Is Abusing Adderall Right Under Our Noses

    The Working Class Is Abusing Adderall Right Under Our Noses

    The ADHD medicine, adderall, is used to help those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder conduct their days normally. But the working class is beginning to want in on its effects as a methamphetamine. Adderall gives those who consume it irresponsibility the ability to work for hours uninhibited. According to the New York Times, synthetic drugs mimicking adderall are used by the workforce as a way to become more productive; synthetic counterparts include: Vyvanse and Concerta. Typically adderall abuse was only documented by students looking to get ahead in their educations and career pursuits, but now the drug is being used by busy work professionals looking to become to most successful.

    The New York Times report most get the drug by faking symptoms of ADHD, others buy the drugs illegally or bum them off of friends. Officials are beginning to question the expectations put upon the shoulders of workers in light of stimulant abuse, which has tripled. Those taking adderall under the pretense of necessity barely sleep at all, and sometimes require downers like Xanax to get to sleep. The drug is addictive and causes withdrawal symptoms once abusers attempt to get off the drug.

    Adderall causes: chronic anxiety, increased heart rate, prolific sweating, sleep deprivation- in extreme cases. The problem with the prescription of adderall is similar to opiate medications. Medical professionals who forgo due diligence to determine whether or not a prescription is medically merited ruin the lives of the patients they are charged with protecting. Those who become addicted to adderall and abuse the substance alter their brain chemistry, and experience manic personality changes- often resulting in divorce and job loss.

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