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Teens Using E-Cigs May Be Doing More Than Just Smoking Flavored Nicotine

  • Teens Using E-Cigs May Be Doing More Than Just Smoking Flavored Nicotine

    Teens Using E-Cigs May Be Doing More Than Just Smoking Flavored Nicotine

    If you’ve been paying attention to any of the trendy crazes taking young people up by storm, you may have noticed the exponential explosion of E-cigarette use. But what really is an E-cig, and are they safe? Not unlike the clamor for large cigarette companies to stop appealing to kids and teenagers, E-cigs are being scrutinized for the same reason; coming out with flavors like bubble gum, apple tart, and banana split seems hardly aimed at a mature audience. According to BG Daily News, there are currently no federal regulations in place to monitor or restrict e-cigs, nor is there enough data available to truly track the effects e-cigs have on the body.

    Between the years of 2013 and 2014 the use of these devices have tripled, and are most commonly used by middle schoolers and high school teens. As an addictive substance, nicotine has been branded as a gateway drug which may propel teens to experiment with other addictive substances. Teens are falsely led into a state of feigned safety when they use e-cigs because they believe its use is healthier than cigarettes, but this has yet to be substantiated with empirical evidence. In fact, the contrary is true when taken into account e-cigs are often used to smoke illicit substances in plain view.

    According to BG Daily News nicotine use from an early age impairs brain development permanently. The Food and Drug Administration has recently petitioned to regulate e-cigs as it does other tobacco products. BG Daily News quotes Carol Douglas, who is a program coordinator for tobacco regulation, “[E -cigarettes] have some of the same chemicals, toxins, and poisons that are in tobacco smoke. Some of them are cancer-causing. Just because it’s in the form of a mist doesn’t mean it’s safe.”

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