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One Crazy Study Proves Light Can Help People Manage Pain

  • One Crazy Study Proves Light Can Help People Manage Pain

    One Crazy Study Proves Light Can Help People Manage Pain

    Most people wouldn’t turn to light as a sensible resource to help manage pain- and especially not chronic pain meriting a medical prescription. Well, researchers and neuroscientists at the Washington University School of Medicine are trying to change that. In an attempt to harness a resource with no chance to cause addiction, researchers turned to light for the discovery of new horizons in pain management. The University Herald reports these incredibly ambitious researchers have discovered preliminary data stipulating opioid receptors may be activated with light.

    Many prescription medications are opiate based, and incur subsequent addiction to heroin (an opiate based, illicit drug). The researchers are hopeful with continued study light may be utilized on patients suffering from pain without creating a need to take addictive pain medications with adverse effects. Currently the researchers are trying to better understand how to wield light in a way that is not only optimally efficient in activating and deactivating opiate receptors, but also to elucidate the intrinsic connection between opiate receptors and other critical functions of the body; including the gastrointestinal tract and breathing.

    Researchers ultimately wish to develop their understanding of light to provide patients with safe methods of treating chronic and minor pain. For now they are limited by the means of research and analysis, hopefully with monumental breakthroughs on the near dawn. In light of the national prescription drug crisis, researchers and pharmacologists alike are searching for new alternatives prohibiting the abuse and subsequent addition of prescription medications. Harnessing light for pain management seems like a far reaching ideal from a science fiction movie, but we hope to soon be able to step into the world wherein something as simple as light can help curb the outlandish addiction rates in the nation, and give heroin rehab facilities a new tool to opiate addictions.

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