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Fentanyl Toxicity & Overdose: 7 Videos You NEED to Watch

  • Fentanyl Toxicity & Overdose: 7 Videos You NEED to Watch

    Fentanyl Toxicity & Overdose: 7 Videos You NEED to Watch

    Fentanyl: The Opiate that Killed Prince

    The horrors of the deadly opiate Fentanyl is dripping from every tongue shocked by the accidental overdose death of Prince. However, fentanyl overdose and toxicity is the root of unprecedented overdose deaths around the country. Orange County, Florida- in particular- is plagued by the incredibly potent opiate. Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than Heroin, and is frequently mixed with the substance, resulting in massive overdoses.

    The United States is in high alert, warning of the danger of Fentanyl more fervently now that Prince’s death has been confirmed an overdose from the deadly potent opiate. Akin to other opiate substances, fentanyl develops tolerance within the body quickly, forcing fentanyl addicts to consume dozens of doses a day.

    Take it straight from the mouths of the people who have experienced the dredges of fentanyl addiction themselves. Here are seven videos you need to watch about fentanyl addiction and overdose.

    Prevent Fentanyl Overdose & Get Help!

    If you or someone you know and love are struggling to overcome their addiction to fentanyl, there are specialized opiate addiction treatment programs available to remedy their substance use disorder entirely. Treatment surrounds cognitive behavioral therapy, wherein people in recovery address the underlying causes of addiction directly and learn real-world coping skills to stave off using addictive substances.

    Face the Fentanyl: Tina’s Story

    #AskAnAddict: Fentanyl Part One

    #AskAnAddict: Fentanyl Part Two

    #AskAnAddict: Fentanyl Part Three

    #AskAnAddict: Fentanyl Part Four

    KILLER HIGH: Life lost: One mother’s Tragic Slide into Fentanyl Addiction

    Fentanyl: America’s Grim New Opioid Addiction

    Getting Help for Fentanyl Addiction

    It only takes one time to overdose on fentanyl. Getting help for fentanyl addiction is not a sign of weakness, but of strength. The symptoms of fentanyl on their own can be deadly if not managed properly by medical professionals. We’ve already proven heroin overdose can kill you, don’t take your chances with fentanyl, responsible for hundreds of deaths across the country since 2000, which fentanyl overdose deaths have risen 137%.  

    Get the Facts About Fentanyl Toxicity:

    What Is Fentanyl? 

    Fentanyl Withdrawal and Detox

    Fentanyl Overdose & Toxicity

    Symptoms of Fentanyl Addiction

    The Effects of Fentanyl Addiction


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