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The Effects of Adderall

What Are the Effects of Adderall?

As an addictive stimulant substance, adderall is a silent killer. Many do not believe adderall can cause death or overdose, but they are mistaken. Like any other addictive substance, adderall develops tolerance within the body and causes one to take higher doses of the substance as tolerance levels increase over time. Those who run out of adderall to take are more prone to self harm and mutilation, and will experience the full effects of adderall withdrawal. Adderall effects more than just those who become addicted to the prescription drug. Adderall addictions tear rifts into one’s personal relationships, and distance lovers who are unaware of adderall abuse and addiction. In the event family, friends, and loved ones are aware an adderall use disorder is present, many are unable to properly respond or administer the right addiction treatment tactics. As a result, marital discord and family unrest are common.  

Short Term Effects of Adderall

Adderall initially gives abusers a font on never-ending energy and a rush of euphoria- which is what makes the drug so addictive. However, once users come “down” from the high of adderall they often experience feelings of depression, tiredness, and irritability. Continued use of adderall may exacerbate underlying heart conditions which may be undiagnosed. Short term effects may include disturbed heart rhythm, dangerous increase in blood pressure and excessive weight loss. Headaches are common, as are issues involving dry mouth. In the recreational setting, adderall overdose may occur rapidly if mixed with depressants like alcohol or other stimulant substances.     [get-help]

Long Term Effects of Adderall

  Perpetuating the short term effects of adderall, long term abuse may lead to the development of permanent heart conditions and mood disorders. Those suffering from the long term symptoms of adderall addiction will experience chronic depression, unreasonable aggression, and acute bouts of paranoia. Compounded by the fact many use other addictive substances while also abusing adderall, the long term effects of other addictive substances being used may interfere with the detriments of adderall, increasing the severity of symptoms.  

Knowing When to Get Help for Adderall Addiction

  Many discredit adderall use as a legitimate disease and condition because of its status as a commonly prescribed drug, but this notion puts users at risk for increased development of permanent health conditions. Dismissive attitudes of adderall abuse also predispose abusers to incurring adderall overdose more readily. Enrolling into adderall addiction treatment is essential to address the underlying causes of adderall use and addiction, and will prevent the effects of adderall from growing perversely. What many do not know is that adderall is frequently taken to lessen the effects of alcohol intoxication, but the combination of adderall and alcohol can cause overdose, and may be life threatening! If you notice yourself or your friends beginning to mix adderall with other substances, it’s time to seek help. Adderall is also known for exacerbating nicotine addiction by causing smokers to want to smoke more. Understanding the need for adderall detox and withdrawal treatment is one of the first steps to fully recognizing the effects of adderall. Adderall abuse and addiction cannot be managed without the care of a medical staff.  

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